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A-Part of the Crowd – Leaving High School

Loneliness in young adulthood can be a challenging and often misunderstood experience. In this period of self-discovery, where individuals navigate the transition from adolescence to adulthood, find themselves in new environments with new people, feel the pressures of establishing a career or starting a new family, loneliness can have an impact.

We invite crowds of young Australian adults to share their experiences of loneliness. The contributions will be shared in an online community to help others through their transitions in young adulthood.

Are you 18-25 years old and want to share your experiences of loneliness? We are currently looking for stories about leaving high school. This may be starting an apprenticeship, vocational training, TAFE, university, entering the workforce or taking a gap year.

If you have other experiences of loneliness in a different life transition, don’t worry! There will be other opportunities to add your story or you may do so now.

You can share your short story using text, audio, image or video. This could be a poem, short story (approx. 500 words), poster, drawing, graphic or animated video. We accept file formats in JPEG/PNG/PDF/ Docx/mp3/wav. You can upload one or multiple files, but ensure that each file size doesn’t exceed 10MB. Please note that if you include images or videos of yourself or use your voice in an audio recording, that’s OK! Just remember that it will be displayed publicly. If others are identifiable in your story, we may ask you to edit and resubmit.

Find out more about the A-Part of the Crowd project here or get started by registering your details and clicking “Submit an idea”. Click here for the guide on how to share your story.

You and other people can also vote for stories submitted by others that you connect with, relate to or think is the most important.

Key dates

29 May 2024 - Challenge opened
30 September 2024 - Challenge closed
30 September 2024 - Prioritised idea selected


The A-Part of the Crowd project is funded by the Medibank Better Health Foundation. The ALIVE National Centre is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Special Initiative in Mental Health (GNT2002047).

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