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Aligning Story, Values, and Funding Support (Finding the Self in Research Funding Systems)

Next Generation Researcher Network Annual Funding Galaxy Q&A Event

Prepare to embark on the third Annual Next Generation Researcher Network Funding Q&A event, where we will navigate deeper still into the realms of securing mental health research funding. We will continue to co-create our Funding Guide that is by, and for, next generation researchers so you always have your travel map at hand! Our esteemed panellists:

  • Prof Kelsey Hegarty
  • Prof Michelle Banfield
  • Dr Piers Gooding
  • Pieta Shakes
  • A/Prof Sarah-Jane Fenton (Intergalactic Video Panellist)

Don’t panic. Prepare to journey to the farthest reaches of the funding galaxy in pursuit of funding for the betterment of mental well-being.

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