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Longer, Healthier Lives in Priority Populations

Sandra Eades
Professor Sandra Eades
Steve Kisely
Professor Steve Kisely
Social and Emotional Well-Being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Professor Sandra Eades is a Noongar woman and the lead of Stream A research activities that are examining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional well-being models for addressing access issues, stigma and discrimination and improving physical health care. This work is informed by the co-designed pathways with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Centre’s Roadmap for Mental Health Research Translation. This Stream takes forward community-led innovations to embed cultural security and holistic models across primary care and community settings.

Meeting the Unmet Physical Health Needs of people who live with severe mental ill-health

Professor Steve Kisely is the Stream B research lead where a new cardiovascular risk estimation model is being developed by Chief Investigator Vera Morgan for future implementation. This work intersects with a focus on Healthy Hearts in a current National Health and Medical Research Council funded trial that will lead to an innovative and co-designed virtual care model for scaling in primary care. There is also a planned analysis of routinely collected data to explore the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccination and the impacts of this on people living with mental ill-health and physical health.

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