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29 November 2023

Democratising Expertise

Some reflections on the concept of suicide literacy

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23 November 2023

Recovery Colleges: An International Innovation in Mental Health and Wellbeing

A stepping stone for students and the wider community

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14 November 2023

The ALIVE National Centre Annual Symposium 2024

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08 November 2023

Space, Place and Experiences of Distress

A writer-in-residence piece written by Scott Fitzpatrick

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27 October 2023

Un/doing Suicide Prevention

A writer-in-residence piece written by Scott Fitzpatrick

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13 October 2023

Evidence, Ethics and The Social Determinants of Mental Health and Suicide

A writer-in-residence piece written by Scott Fitzpatrick

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04 October 2023

The Institutionalisation of Lived-Experience

Taming liberatory possibilities?

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22 September 2023

Putting On A Show – Manhood, Mates and Mental Health

A special conversation by University of Melbourne and The ALIVE National Centre for Mental Health Research Translation with Rob Mills

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15 September 2023

Problematising Lived Experience

Stories, Identities and Knowledge

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14 September 2023

Launch Pad 2023: Research and career development support for PhD Students and community-based Researchers

The ALIVE National Centre Next Generation Researcher Network Capacity Building Funding Scheme 2023

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30 August 2023

A National Strategy for Lived-Experience in Mental Health Research

To address capabilities needs, career pathways, conditions in research organisations and identify lived-experience approaches and practices for research integration

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01 August 2023

The Long Conversation

Who, where, what, and how of lived-experience mental health research nationally.

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12 April 2023

Is sharing lived experience in the mental health workplace the missing piece in system reform?

Findings from case study research conducted at two Victorian mental health services suggest benefits to individual staff and their teams.

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16 March 2023

Improving quality of life in adults with severe mental ill-health

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Effective Treatments and Therapies grant

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16 March 2023

A Citizen Science Project to co-create ‘BigaagARri’

A Preventive Experiential, Arts, Cultural Evidence (PEACE) model for implementing at-scale in primary care and community

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07 February 2023

Phase 1 Consensus Statement: The Short Horizon 2023 Implementation Actions

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23 January 2023

A lived-experience exploration of harm and hope: should eating disorders ever be diagnosed as ‘terminal’?

The following article contains material that may be harmful or traumatising to some audiences.

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14 November 2022

Digital technologies hold value for youth mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled momentum towards a digital revolution in mental health

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04 October 2022

Co-Design Living Labs: A Handbook by and for working with co-designers

This handbook has been co-designed by members of the Co-Design Living Labs Network. 

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08 September 2022

Lost in Translation

A Zine for Mental Health Research Translation

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08 June 2022

The ALIVE Noticeboard Guidelines

Find out more about the noticeboard feature and how to contribute

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08 June 2022

The ALIVE National Writer-In-Residence Program

A capacity building and career development initiative of the ALIVE National Centre for Mental Health Research Translation

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23 February 2022

Ready, Set, Translate – The ALIVE Mental Health Research Translation Virtual Café Series

This is a monthly event focused on bringing people together to discuss and translate the findings in mental health research.

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