Neami National has established four pilot Head to Health Services and the Urgent Mental Health Care Centre as walk-in, fee-free, adult mental health services.

The model of care is innovative in Australia using a peer-first/peer-last approach with care delivered by an integrated team of peer staff, clinical staff, and and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing workers. The five services are:

What is the project about?

Neami has partnered with the ALIVE National Centre for Mental Health Research Translation to understand the implementation journey of the establishment and operation of these services.

From this we will developed an understanding of what has gone well and how the implementation can be strengthened using a mix of existing information about the services and information from surveys and interviews. 

The implementation co-evaluation is taking an innovative approach to match the model of care through the development of an integrated team including Aboriginal staff, staff with lived experience and staff with academic and clinical backgrounds with each bringing different strengths and perspectives to the project. The project will present a range of perspectives as core outcomes of the co-evaluation

When is this happening?

Data collection has started at some sites and will be completed for the project by the end of February 2024.

Data collection is currently underway at Townsville Head to Health and Geelong Head to Health. 

Data collection will commence in mid-late November 2023 at Darwin Head to Health and Penrith Head to Health, and the Urgent Mental Health Care Centre.

Who will be involved and what will be done?

All data collection and interviews will be managed by the team at the ALIVE National Centre.  No information that identifies participants will be shared with Neami staff or Head to Health staff.

The following groups will be invited to participate in the project with the option to be involved in the parts of the project they would like to.

Stakeholder GroupWays to be involved
Service users (guests)Survey and/or
Family/kin/supports of service userSurvey and/or
Service staff (clinical/peer and lived experience/ wellbeing)Survey and
Service managersSurvey and
Neami National Head Office and managersSurvey and
Member of service governanceSurvey and
People/organisations referring into Head to Health ServiceSurvey and
People/organisations receiving referrals from Head to Health ServiceSurvey and
Identified partner organisations of the Head to Health ServiceSurvey and
Funders of the Head to Health ServicesInterview
Other mental health services in the communitySurvey and

How will people be informed about the project?

Posters inviting feedback are up at each service and postcards and flyers are available for people seeking support and their families and supporters.

Staff are being emailed links to the study information and ways to contribute are being included on the staff intranet.

People external to the services but who interact with the services will be invited to participate via email.

What approvals does this project have?

Approvals have been granted at the following committees:

How do I get information about the project?

Contact us at the ALIVE National Centre

University of Melbourne Ethics Approval Number: 26525