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Impact Evaluation: Implementation of the Roadmap

Amanda Wheeler
Professor Amanda Wheeler

The core aim of the evaluation is to assess whether the co-designed Roadmap has influenced policy & practice within the mental health ecosystem.

The Roadmap implementation evaluation is being undertaken across seven Stages. Stage 1, evaluating mental health sector awareness & uptake of Roadmap constituents (such as the Consensus Statement) is under way as a series of surveys. The protocol for the remaining Stages is being finalised. Stages 2–5 will involve surveys & interviews with key stakeholders across ALIVE and the mental health ecosystem; evaluating awareness, adoption, engagement, environmental context, implementation outcomes and long-term behaviour change in conjunction with the Roadmap. Stages 2-5 will be co-designed with key ALIVE stakeholders. Stage 6 & 7 evaluate uptake of the Roadmap through referencing in national documentation (e.g. policy & practice).

Stage 1 Insights:

  • Awareness of ALIVE, the Roadmap & use of its parts is developing across the Australian mental health sector;
  • 2024 surveys will be expanded to include forums that incorporate a multi-disciplinary lens;
  • In 2023 50% of the 124 people surveyed at 3 different forums were aware of the Consensus Statement;
  • Of those aware of the Consensus Statement, 16% had used it.


Research Team:

  • Amanda Wheeler (Griffith University)
  • Caroline Robertson (Griffith University)
  • Justin Chapman (Griffith University)
  • Amanda Neil (University of Tasmania)
  • Nizam Abdu (University of Tasmania)


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