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The ALIVE National Centre's Research Focus

Our focus is to embed lived-experience within all aspects of mental health research, implementation and translation. Our research programs span prevention across the life course, longer healthier lives in priority populations such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people who live with mental ill-health, lived-experience led research, and mental health care at-scale. Our objective is to deliver a holistic health care system that improves experiences and outlooks for all.

Prevention Across the Life Course

This research program will:

  • Implement resources and tools to respond to the impacts of mental ill-health and ongoing trauma across the life course.
  • Improve access to preventive interventions across community and primary care settings.
  • Implement capacity building initiatives to support the embedding of preventive interventions in community and primary care settings.

The Lived-Experience Research Collective

This research program will:

  • Integrate lived-experience knowledge and expertise within mental health research and translation activities.
  • Support research career development pathways through tailored training, events and mentor programs.
  • Strengthen lived-experience led research and leadership in the mental health research and workforce sectors.

Longer, Healthier Lives in Priority Populations

This research program will:

  • Support community-led holistic models of care such as social and emotional well-being innovations to address unmet physical health needs and unacceptable gaps in equity and outcomes.
  • Redesign mental health care systems for increased service identification, access to appointments and reduced costs.
  • Change service cultures to reduce stigma and discrimination and increase access to tailored person care.

Mental Health Care at-Scale

This research program will:

  • Co-design a national roadmap for mental health research translation to identify the implementation actions,  strategies for knowledge transfer and integration, and translation goals and targets.
  • Identify the implementation strategies, technological and economic resources that are required to scale and embed innovative models of care and whole of community approaches to prevention.
  • Document how innovative models and approaches may or may not change the individual, social, community and economic impacts of mental ill-health.

Our Projects

See the list of The ALIVE National Centre’s Internally Funded Projects, Co-Funded Projects, Externally Funded Projects and Affiliated Projects here.

Phase 1 Consensus Statement - The Short Horizon 2023 Implementation Actions

Watch this short video of our Phase 1 Consensus Statement co-designed with 115 people with lived-experience of mental ill-health and carer/family and kinship group members over 2022.  These actions will inform further translation goals and targets for our national roadmap. You can read the Phase 1 Consensus Statement in full here:

This image describes the emotion mapping processes for establishment of consensus in how people feel about different priority areas.

The ALIVE National Centre Pocket Map 2023 Edition

Click here to see the Pocket Map 2023 Edition for the ALIVE National Centre. The Annual Lived-Experience Priorities Survey 2022 analysis has confirmed the priorities that needed to be updated and where consensus remained. This has informed the renewal of wording alongside the discussions at our Annual Symposium and review of progress for the Pocket Map 2023 Edition.


The ALIVE National Centre Pocket Map 2022 Edition - Implementation Priority Areas

Click here to see the Pocket Map 2022 Edition for the ALIVE National Centre’s priority areas. These were identified using emotion mapping with eighty-eight people with lived-experience of mental ill-health and carers, family/kinship group members as part of the Centre’s experience co-design approach.


The ALIVE National Centre Model for Mental Health Ecosystem Change

Click here to see The ALIVE National Centre on a page.

The ALIVE model for mental health ecosystem change

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