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A-Part of the Crowd

Amy Coe
Amy Coe

A-Part of the Crowd aims to develop a national picture on how Australian young people (18-25 years) experience loneliness during life transitions by:

  1. Reviewing current approaches to supporting young people experiencing loneliness.
  2. Gathering stories from 400 young Australians about their experiences of loneliness during life transitions (e.g. starting university or work, living out of home).
  3. Co-creating an accessible, interactive online space to share the gathered stories and where visitors can explore the different experiences of others.
  4. Developing a model of care for young people’s loneliness based on the stories, review of current approaches and co-creation of the online space.
  5. Evaluating the responsive supports (including the online space and model of care) with young people for implementation in primary care and community settings.


Amy Coe, Matthew Lewis, Jennifer Bibb, Phillip Orcher, Joshua Moorhouse, Cath Kaylor-Hughes and Victoria Palmer form the A-Part of the Crowd research team. The project is funded by the Medibank Better Health Foundation.


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