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I have plenty of lived experience of mental illness and I would say many people do. I don’t know anyone researching this area. The best research on living with mental illness would best come directly from people living with mental illness or you have lived with it, or their family, carers, friends. From my experience I would say we have dreams and want connections like all people and how can that be achieved. Isolation is a big draw back and so is judgment, the illnesses and/or comorbidites, discrimination and stigma. I’ve had set-backs time and again. Life isn’t an easy journey for us and we are brave, but it can be relentlessly damaging, and possibly made easier by those who don’t suffer to not be afraid. I want to produce something/art full of meaning but my research may only stretch to my own projects. Best of luck, reach out to Public Mental Health centres and see if their students or other staff are looking at Lived Experience as their research topic.

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The who what where of lived-experience mental health research in Australia Help us to start The Long Conversation TLC a nation-wide project of the Lived-Experience Research Collective This project will...

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