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Provide Alternatives & Wear my shoes

Increase / improve client interaction and understanding of the communication you are having with the individual. What are the potential impacts of a suggested change, deferral of treatment, support, services – across key areas – like mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and financial.
Be real “Person Centred / Focused” in all interactions and dealings.
Not just this is what the ‘manual’ tells me or this is what the process is – great, but maybe the manual and/or process is old, outdated or not relevant anymore. So impersonal.
Personal example – I have been waiting for a total reverse shoulder replacement for years now, finally received the surgery date 3 weeks go – elation and happiness. Yesterday, I was advised that they needed to push the surgery out another 2 weeks, because the ‘equipment’ is not available…seriously. No consideration of the physical impact this has on me, pain and suffering increasing, as it becomes harder with mobility using my wheelchair or walking sticks, the emotional roller coaster that I have now been placed on again, mental illnesses are running amok – voices reaffirming that I am abandoned, nobody care etc – placing immense strain on my mental wellbeing and increasing suicidal thoughts etc, the fact that I changed my entire life to accommodate the surgery date (which was okay at the time) by changing meetings, workshops and conferences I was going to attend (all part of my many volunteer roles), changing catch ups with my family / sons (who all live far away from me) and I could go on.
All this (and more) because someone, probably forget to organise the saws, chisels etc needed for the surgery – following or not following the process, the consequences of not caring about the consumer.
Nothing Person Centred or Focused in this interaction and I know that this is a regular and daily event.
Sorry – feel like I have been ranting.

Maybe they could have discussed what impacts this may have, suggested moving the surgery from Bundaberg to Brisbane or something / anything – rather too bad so sad attitude.

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