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2024 National Lived-Experience Priorities Study

The 2024 Annual Lived-Experience Priorities Study has launched!

What do I need to do?

This year, we’re focusing on hearing from young people aged 16 to 25. We invite you to share what priorities matter to you in terms of research and how you believe we can improve services and care systems. Your contributions will be shared on the ALIVE National Community Crowdsourcing Space. If you need help on how to use this Crowdsourcing Space, read the user guide here.

Share your priorities or any ideas you have through creative content in this Crowdsourcing Space! Please draw, share photos, or create short 3 minute videos, 1-2 minute audio files, a painting or a poster or even a poem to describe priorities. We accept file formats in JPEG/PNG/PDF/ Docx/mp3/wav. You can upload one or multiple files. Ensure that each file size doesn’t exceed 10MB. Please do not upload images or videos containing people.

All the priorities shared will be included in the ALIVE National priorities database. Additionally, this time around, we’ll be creating a new innovative priorities database based on creative contributions. Exciting stuff! Click here to read the full information sheet.

Other people can vote for what they like, including ideas or wisdom that resonate with you!

Where do I start?

To allow us describe the range of people who have completed the study, we are also collecting some personal information in a brief online survey. Click here to fill it out.

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Key dates

14 February 2024 - Challenge opened
14 August 2024 - Challenge closed
30 August 2024 - Prioritised idea selected

Supporting content

The ethical aspects of this project have been approved by the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee (protocol H/2024/0495).


This challenge has been created by the ALIVE National Centre and the Australian National University for The ALIVE National Centre 2024 Annual National Lived-Experience Priorities Survey.

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