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The Long Conversation

Who, where, what, and how of lived-experience mental health research nationally.

Do you use your lived or living experience to inform your research practice?

You might be in an identified or designated lived experience role, with a clear position description, and working in a university or other research and development workplace.

Maybe you don’t declare your lived experience publicly, but you do have specific examples for how your lived experience informs your way of working. Perhaps it’s not clear, and there’s grey area in how to understand what you do, as well.

In the ALIVE Lived Experience Research Collective, we feel hopeful that together we can strengthen our opportunities for support and connection, ensure good practice in lived experience research is developed by lived experience researchers, and uncover the
who, where, what, and how of lived experience mental health research nationally.

That’s why we’ve launched our project called The Long Conversation.

We will use a variety of peer-to-peer creative engagement methods with potential for co design and co creation as opportunities emerge. This may include mixed media for story sharing such as images, text, photos and videos, submissions to the Crowdsourcing Space of the ALIVE National Centre Digital Platform, short videos about research approaches, long-form interviews with people about methods and models, survey reports and results about lived-experience applied research nationally.

To help us get a good start, we’re keen to hear from you.   

In this online survey, we ask broad questions about the industry and organisation where you work, your role, and if there are any explicit models, frameworks, or principles which guide your practice. We won’t ask for your name.

Your response will be received by other lived experience researchers, including ALIVE Co Director and Lived Experience Lead, Michelle Banfield.

Afterwards, you’ll receive an opportunity to express interest in future stages of the Long Conversation. You’ll also get a link to sign up for the ALIVE Crowdsourcing Platform to suggest and vote on ideas for next steps.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

We recognise the diversity in lived experiences of many to uncover lived experience research nationally.

Thank you,
from the Long Conversation Research Team,
ALIVE National Lived Experience Research Collective.
The ethical aspects of this research have been approved by the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee Protocol 2022/812

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