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Co-Design of the ALIVE National Roadmap for Mental Health Research Translation has begun

The roadmap is a guide for the Centre on ‘Where are we now?’ ‘Where do we want to go?’ and,’How will we get there?’ in mental health research translation in the primary care and community settings.

There will be many routes that need to be taken to transform mental health care in Australia; some of these may be well-worn paths and others will need to be engineered and forged. Our roadmap will be exploring all of these pathways in our research focus areas of prevention across the life course and healthier, longer lives with priority populations such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people who live with severe mental illnesses. The Centre is committed to a course that is always lived-experience informed.

In keeping with this, to map the first stage of our roadmap and ‘where we are now’, the team is currently bringing together three core areas of data: (i) the international and national literature on the established priorities in mental health research translation, (ii) the existing national policy priorities and, (iii) what we know about currently for lived-experience priorities for mental research and translation from people living with mental illnesses and/or caring for someone living with a mental illness.

This will inform the second stage of our roadmap and ‘where we want to go’ which will see us launch The ALIVE National Lived-Experience Survey for Mental Health Research Translation Priorities and our Community Crowdsourced Data Exchange project. The ALIVE National Lived-Experience Survey will build on what we already know about mental health research and translation priorities from previous work undertaken by Centre researchers, partners and collaborators including peak consumer, peak carer and service providers engaged in research and advocacy nationally. We will hear more about local initiatives that are underway already through the Community Crowdsourced Data Exchange which will be formulated into ecosystem maps and considered by scanning existing data sources nationally and locally.

These will assist in the prioritisation exercises for stage three of the roadmap and how we will get to mental health care at scale in primary care and community settings. The Centre’s flagship project for 2022 will be announced at our annual symposium to support how we will get to mental health care at scale.

Blueprint Roadmap

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